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Toni's Garden, CO

Toni's Garden

©2007-2017 Susan Thiele

Location: Town of Victor Alleyway
Image Size: 10" x 3", framed to 12" x 5"

I wanted to paint something quite different, so I wandered the alleyways looking for both shade and a subject. To my surprise I located this well-tended garden in full and lush bloom, with a decorator's sense of adornment with old rusty shovels and other mining equipment. It was incredibly precious and private, as the gate opened directly to the alley. I met the neighbors and then the owners to ask permission to paint it. To create such detail in watercolor, I had to draw the flowers with masking fluid, in order to paint the background fluidly. I needed a table to paint so small, so I was pressed against the fence on uneven ground, with my painting table legs propped by rocks and sticks. About 10 minutes after completing it, the clouds gathered and by the time I had everything in the car, there were summer showers! After the rain, the blooms were half-destroyed! What a lucky day!