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This gallery includes selected paintings that have sold, that were painted as private commissions, or are otherwise in private collections in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas, Tennessee and P.R. China.   Some of them also appear on the appropriate gallery pages of this website.

Plein Air Works

  Pisgah Sunset
Mt Pisgah Sunset-SOLD
  Colorado Midland at Victor
Colorado Midland at Victor-SOLD
Settled into Retirement
Settled into Retirement - SOLD
  Escalante Gulch
Escalante Gulch-SOLD
  Dawn Foreboding, Colorado, The Raggeds
Dawn Foreboding - SOLD
  Survivor's Sunset
Survivor's Sunset-SOLD
Burr Trail Grotto
Burr Trail Grotto-SOLD
Utah, Escalante Canyons, Circle Cliffs Sunset
Circle Cliffs Sunset
Colorado, Uncompaghre Canyon Sunset
Uncompaghre Canyon Sunset
Colorado, Crested Butte
Lupine Garden - SOLD
Colorado, FlatTop Wilderness, Trapper's Lake
Spring Awakening - SOLD
Colorado, FlatTop Wilderness, Trapper's lake
Trapper's Lake Panorama - SOLD
Colorado, San Juan Mtns
Mt. Sneffels Pond - SOLD
Juniper's Lookout
Juniper's Lookout-SOLD
Teton Storm, Wyoming
Teton Storm - SOLD
Colorado, Uncompaghre Plateau
Uncompaghre Native - SOLD
Utah, Sunglow Canyon Fall
Sunglow Canyon - SOLD
Colorado, Maroon Bells
Gothic View - SOLD
Early Morning Victor
Early Morning Victor-SOLD

Larger Studio Works

Waiting for Snow
Waiting for Snow-
  San Miguel River
San Miguel River-
Dead Horse Alcove
Dead Horse Alcove-
Survivor I, Canyonlands, Utah
Survivor I - SOLD
Winter Canyon Juniper, Colorado
Winter Canyon Juniper -
Study in Purple, Africa, Mali Portrait
Study in Purple - SOLD
Sandia Winter Panorama, New Mexico
Sandia Winter Panorama -PRIVATE COLLECTION

Grand Canyon Vista -SOLD
The Bell Tolls - Tibet
The Bell Tolls - SOLD
Sandia Super Moon, Albuquerque, NM
Sandia Super Moon - SOLD
Persuasion, Chinese Turkestan
Persuasion - SOLD
Sandia Road, New Mexico
Sandia Road - SOLD
Sandia Fall Panorama, New Mexico
Sandia Fall Panorama - SOLD
Hunting Goshawk - Chinese Turkestan
Hunting Goshawk
Determination, Tibet
Determination - SOLD
Monument Shadows, 4 Corners
Monument Shadows - SOLD
Red Rock Park, Arches NP, Utah
Red Rock Plateau - SOLD
Sandia Fields, San Ysidro, New Mexico
Sandia Fields - SOLD
Sandia Panorama II, New Mexico
Sandia Panorama II - SOLD
Young Monk Dreams - Lhasa, Tibet
Young Monk Dreams - SOLD
Slick Rock Trail I - Canyonlands NP, Utah
Slick Rock Trail I - SOLD
Delicate Arch II, Arches National Park, Utah
Delicate Arch II
Jungle Flute
Jungle Flute
Colorado , Western Slope, Nature's Lumens
Nature's Lumens - SOLD
Nash Ah - Arizona
Nash Ah - SOLD
Proud Sorrow - Mali, Africa
Proud Sorrow -SOLD
4 Corners Lightning – Monument Valley, AZ
4 Corners Lightning - SOLD
Unfurling the Giant Silk Thangka - Tibet
Unfurling the Giant
Silk Thangka - SOLD
O’Keeffe’s Red Cliffs – Northern New Mexico
O'Keeffe's Red Cliffs - SOLD
Monument Sunset I, Utah
Monument Sunset I - SOLD
Dewey Falls I, Absaroka Mtns, Montana
Dewey Falls I - SOLD
Tibetan Ritual Dance I - Ladakh, India
Tibetan Ritual Dance I - SOLD
 Colorado National Monument, Monument Canyon Light
Monument Canyon Light -
Cabezon Mist, New Mexico
Cabezon Mist - SOLD
Sage Butte, 4 Corners
Sage Butte - SOLD


Blue Mosque – 3-1/2” x 4-1/2” - Istanbul
Blue Mosque Miniature-
Tiger's Nest Monastery, Bhutanese Himalaya
Tiger's Nest Miniature
Toni's Garden, CO
Toni's Garden - SOLD
Pictographs, San Rafael Swell, Utah
San Rafael Swell

Punakha Dzong, Bhutan
Punakha Dzong Miniature SOLD
Pedernal Peak, Northern New Mexico
Pedernal Miniature
Green Sea Turtle – 2-1/2” x 3-1/2”
Green Sea Turtle Miniature
Cuernos del Paine – 4-1/4” x 3-1/2” - Chile
Cuernos del Paine Miniature
River Pastel Taj Miniature, India
River Pastel Taj Miniature
Sandia Panorama Miniature, New Mexico
Sandia Panorama Miniature
Inle Leg Rowers Miniature, Myranmar
Inle Lake Leg Rowers Miniature SOLD
Swiss Alps, Grimentz
Flowerboxes of Grimentz Miniature - SOLD
Zion Valley Miniature, Utah
Zion Valley Miniature - SOLD
Swiss Alps II Miniature, Switzerland
Swiss Alps II Miniature - SOLD
Taj Mahal II Miniature, India
Taj Mahal II
Miniature - SOLD

Mongolian Archer Miniature - SOLD
O’Keefe Country – 2-1/4” x 5-3/4” - New Mexico
O’Keefe Country Miniature - SOLD
Dead Horse Point, Canyonlands, Utah
Dead Horse Point Miniature - SOLD
Sonoran Desert Miniature III, Cabeza Prieta, Arizona
Sonoran Desert III
Miniature - SOLD
Hidden Drum Beat – 3” x 3”
Hidden Drum Beat Miniature - SOLD
Nirvana Buddha Miniature – 2 ½ x 4 ½, Beijing, China
Nirvana Buddha Miniature - SOLD
Om Mani Padme Hum Miniature – 4 ¾ x 3 ¾ , Lhasa, Tibet
Om Mani Padme Hum
Miniature - SOLD
St. Basil’s Cathedral – 5” x 3” - Moscow
St. Basil’s Miniature - SOLD
Tortoise Moon – 4” x 4” - Mojave
Tortoise Moon Miniature - SOLD
Totem – 3” x 5” - Arizona
Totem Miniature - SOLD
Wooden Shoe Arch – 4” x 4” - Utah
Wooden Shoe Arch Miniature - SOLD
Deep in Spirit Miniature -   3-1/2” x 2-1/2” - Oregon
Deep in Spirit Miniature - SOLD
Half Dome -  2” x 2” - Yosemite
Half Dome Miniature - SOLD
Chessler Park Miniature – 4 x 4, Canyonlands, Utah
Chessler Park Miniature - SOLD
Organ Pipe Nat’l Park Miniature -  3 ¾ x 4 5/8, Arizona
Organ Pipe Nat'l Park Miniature - SOLD
Green Sea Turtle Miniature – 2 ½ x 4, Worldwide oceans
Green Sea Turtle Hatchlings Miniature - SOLD
Slick Rock Trail II Miniature, 4 1/2 x 3 1/2 - Canyonlands NP, Utah
Slick Rock Trail II
Miniature - SOLD
Machu Picchu Mini II, Peru
Machu Picchu II Miniature
Collared Lizzard, Colorado Plateau
Collared Lizard Miniature
Kokopelli – 3-3/4” x 3-3/4” - New Mexico
Kokopelli Petroglyph Miniature-SOLD
Potala Palace - 2 3/4" x 4 3/4", Tibet
Potala Palace Miniature - SOLD

©2007-2017 Susan Thiele

Adventure Art captures the essence of being there©
Adventure Art captures the essence of being there©